Printing unique codes since 2004...

We know all about using and printing unique codes. We've been printing variable and unique codes since 2004 using our Variable Data Printing engine, so we know what works, and what doesn't!


Apprehending counterfeit activity...

Since 2006 we have uncovered many cases of fraud by consumers, retailers, distributors. Our well developed algorithms, honed over 10 plus years in the global consumer market, now power IDlocate's logic engine.


Unique codes/sec, phew that's fast...

Its simple, we can print REALLY fast, over 12 unique QR codes/sec. Our partners find it accurate and incredibly easy to use. Production teams love it, as it has 99.9% up-time.

“...consumers want to know what they are buying, where it has come from, how long it has travelled and when it was harvested. Three years ago they weren’t so interested, now it is right at the top..."

[Maximising Export Returns (MER): Research Report No. 332 July 2014 ]


Anti-Counterfeit & Trust

IDlocate™ allows brands to protect their products from the growing billion dollar "counterfeit" trade using unique messaging or blockchain technology, on pack and in market.

Source-To-Consumer Traceability

IDlocate™ creates and delivers transparent "origin-based" provenance information across your products, building consumer confidence in your brand or product... from source-to-consumer.

Engage Your "Global" Consumer

IDlocate™ allows brands to deploy value-added experiences across the entire product range anywhere, driving consumer loyalty via content driven strategies.

IDlocate™ - educate, engage & inform your global consumer...

The platform delivers leading edge innovation to significantly help future proof the Food and Agri industry.
Three key traceability technologies make up the IDlocate's platform... so as to not overly complicate a complicated idea.

IDlocate™ Hub

IDlocate™ Data & Content Management

Cloud based data/content management platform

The brain that drives the entire IDlocate™ solution. The IDlocate™ hub uses product specific information such as batch, code and ingredient sources from your internal and/or external supply chain (using internal or GS1 based data structures). The hub creates, stores, manages, assimilates and displays brand or product content derived from production, market, or consumer information channels. It manages the "live" reporting dashboard and geo-reporting functions.

IDlocate™ Applicator

IDlocate™ Variable Data Printing

Production located application devices

Controlled by our IDlocate™ printing software, the printer or programming device [in the case of RFID] applies the unique message, QR code, or time stamp onto each individual pack or label. It is unique to the pack or label and most importantly - its traceable, and prevents fraud. Based on over 10 years of experience, the IDlocate™ printing software runs with a 99.9% up-time, ensuring robust and reliable application... everytime!

IDlocate™ Engagement

IDlocate™ Consumer Engagement

Digital consumer engagement platform

The consumer interface where customers scan the product to ensure authenticity and points of origin using external traceability data verified by simple supply-chain process or Blockchain based data verification. Further engagement via brand driven digital content is customised based on your marketing objectives or consumer requirements. The IDlocate™ engagement platform provides location based data to trace where consumers are transacting with your brands, delivering you valuable insights with which to drive your brand or market development.

What does the IDlocate Traceability Platform deliver?

Disrupt the Counterfeit Trade

...globally, product and brand theft is a huge issue, IDlocate’s anti-counterfeit solution provides your consumer with a ‘safe’ and verified purchase. Thereby increasing consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Unique product ID... for every product.

...each and every product is unique and traceable anywhere in the world | IDlocate’s highly developed and specialised printing engine delivers high speed, unique trackable QR code based impressions onto your products. This translates to a unique code for each individual product!

Instant product recall management

...in today's fast paced environment recall management is vital. IDlocate™ allows you to manage the recall direct to consumer or market instantly and with speed. All coordinated via the management interface

NO barriers for the consumer

...no apps, no sign-ups, no barriers as IDlocate is built on responsive web based templates, meaning all content is accessed via the consumer’s native web browser. We provide consumers easy to access traceability content and build trust for your consumers.

GeoLocation content & reporting

...we know your consumer's location, IDlocate delivers content that is regionally specific [language, imagery and content] and uses IDlogic for counterfeit situations, identifying product fraud immediately.

Your brand is hero!

...align the consumer interface to your brand and creative direction. IDlocate ensures that your global consumer interacts with your brand and your creative, not bland “un-branded” content. All your interactions with your consumers therefore remain consistently branded and themed.

Consumer Relevant Content

...the IDlocate consumer platform displays content that is relevant to the individual product the consumer has scanned. Your consumer about the specific product and it’s path to market or provenance content.

Multi-lingual content delivery

...using our geo-location pin-points, your global consumer is delivered specialised content specific to their location and market, creating personalised, relevant experiences.


...show your global consumer exactly where your source ingredients are from. Use images or video to show a rich story linked to the individual product and the brands story.

Create a Warranty & Product Cluster

...gain real, invaluable insights about the products in your consumer’s home utilising the warranty module, where they sign up all their products from ONE unique QR code. You will develop a picture of what they own in their home, providing you in-depth consumer profiling.

In-Market Consumer Promotions & Repeat Purchase

...enable promotional content to be linked to each individual product's unique ID. Engage the consumer, drive repeat sales via in-market consumer promotions or e-tail, but with no extra printing costs.

Quick & Painless Warranty / Service

...your product’s service or warranty programme is accessed directly off the product. Consumers simply scan the code on the product, and the correct details are sent straight to your customer service team for registration, warranty, service and 24/7 access the product manuals.

We didn't want to bore you with too much technical stuff... these are only a few of the modules available.

So talk to us to find out how IDlocate™ can work with your brand, in your market.

Experience the consumer journey from Farm to Fork...

Consumer Facing Product Traceability

A few responsive content demo's to give you a flavour of what we can do.
They work on your PC, iPAD or tablet and/or SMART phone interface, so ARE adaptable to YOUR consumers viewing PREFERENCES.

Diary Industry Demo

Product | Dairy Industry & Infant Formula

... with the recent issues globally, we DELIVER the "trust" angle your consumers need. They KNOW that the product they are buying is what it says it is... we protect them and your brand; and manage the recalls directly to the "tin".
Diary Industry Demo
Eggs and the Consumer

Management | Full Control Over Your Products

... using our management console, brands and products can now deliver engaging, live product information directly to your consumers, in-market, in-store and most importantly, in-home.

IDlocate enables consumers to verify authenticity, see brand content and check recall status each time they scan your product. Using our management console, we can open a direct channel of communication between your brand and your consumer, providing you content managed delivery of brand content directly from your product, which is fast becoming a key marketing tool worldwide.

As more consumers become aware of the importance of product verification, provenance and anti-counterfeit, the platform becomes a channel of information for your consumers.
Eggs and the Consumer

Product | Eggs & The Consumer

... we want your consumer to have the confidence that the eggs they buy are not only packaged locally but also that the chicken lives happily and locally too. The unique code linked page builds trust and ultimately traceability.
Eggs Industry Demo

Meet the IDlocate team

Ruth Money

Director | Sales & Marketing

... the consumer and marketing guru. Ruth has over 15 years experience in all facets of consumer marketing and promotions working with global brands in New Zealand and Australia. Ruth has joined IDlocate™ to develop our markets and solutions, plus keep the rest of us focused!

"... we've always felt success comes from surrounding oneself with the right people. At IDlocate you'll find not just the best talent, but also great individuals, ready to tackle any challenge or project. Feel free to get in touch, if only to say "hi"..."

Simon Bell

Director | Technical & Operations

... the go-to-make-it-happen guy. Simon has been part of all things digital for the past 20 years [starting when a 33.3k modem was fast and email was something relatively new], he brings a solution creation and operations background to IDlocate™, effectively the glue that holds it all together.

Past partners and clients we have worked with...

A small selection of clients we have worked with in the past ten years.
Partners we have worekd with in the past 10 years
Partners we have worekd with in the past 10 years
... using our online and offline technologies, we have created platforms that engage and activate the consumer... we understand consumers, its that simple.
Partners we have worekd with in the past 10 years

What’s News @ IDlocate?

Is it time for a QR code comeback?

  • 28 July 2017
  • ClickZ

Two big developments might tip the scale towards a true comeback of QR codes. Google Chrome has how introduced native support for QR codes into its iOS app, meaning that iPhone users who browse with Google Chrome now have the ability to scan QR codes built in and ready to go. Apple has also decided to introduce a QR code reader to its camera app in iOS 11, giving iPhone and iPad users on iOS 11 the ability to scan QR codes using their phone’s camera... Read More

2017 Foodpro Sydney

  • 16-19 July 2017
  • Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Melbourne-based Result Group's Managing Director Michael Dossor presented the IDlocate anti-counterfeit & traceability platform at the 50th AIFST Annual Convention co-located with foodpro, providing two full days of insights into the world of food science & technology.

IDlocate & Result Group demonstrate traceability platform @ AUSPACK 2017

  • Wednesday 15 February 2017
  • Sydney Showground, Australia

AUSPACK is Australia’s premier packaging trade exhibition held every 2 years and is considered by the industry as a "don’t miss" event. We are really excited about showcasing our innovative partnership, and would love it if you could join us in Sydney 7-10th March 2017... Read More

IDlocate | 2017 AUSPACK National Technical Forums

  • Monday 13 February 2017
  • AUSPACK, Sydney Showground, Australia

Melbourne-based Result Group's Managing Director Michael Dossor will be presenting the IDlocate anti-counterfeit & traceability platform at the 2017 National Technical Forums, along with 8 internationals and 42 speakers covering an extensive range of topics over 4 Days. This is a unique opportunity to hear from some leading experts in their fields while your team/customers are at AUSPACK... Read More

IDlocate chosen as top 8 Finalist at FoodBytes! 2016 Sydney

  • Thursday 3 November 2016
  • Industrial Precinct, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, Australia

Eight game-changing foodtech and agtech companies from across Australian and New Zealand were selected to give a five-minute pitch and showcase their products at FoodBytes! Sydney, at Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour and hosted by RaboBank. We went, we pitched, we didn't win [dang it] but we had an incredible experience and met so many amazing, globally innovative clients and partners... Read More

IDlocate partners with Result Group Australia

  • Tuesday 4 October 2016
  • Packaging News (PKN)

Melbourne-based Result Group has partnered with a traceability and anti-counterfeit solutions provider IDlocate Global Limited to provide more product information to consumers. Business unit manager Michael Harrop said the partnership would provide a turnkey solution from coding and marking equipment and control software to print a unique QR code on every product. “While there are a few other options in the market, we haven’t seen anything that works so well from both the manufacturer's and the consumer's point of view,” he said... Read More

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Australia | Michael Dossor | +61 401 266 118 | michael.dossor@resultgroup.com.au
USA & Europe | We are working on it, and hopefully launching real soon...

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